Animals may be under the influence of aliens on our planet.

Los animales pueden encontrarse bajo la influencia de extraterrestres en nuestro planeta


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Russian reindeer in trance after extraterrestrial influence
The behaviour of animals in the different habitats of each species has been studied for many years, but scientists and zoologists know every detail of most of the world’s species, but recently a rather unusual situation has arisen in the Kola, a Russian peninsula in which several reindeer herds have begun to act in a very peculiar and frightening way.

It is believed that extraterrestrials can control animals

The herds of animals are always together and move continuously to keep each other warm, but these reindeer herds acted in a strange and mysterious way, so much so that Andrei Golovliov, one of the witnesses of the scene, recorded a video so that more people could see the reindeer’s attitude. In the recording you can see the 3 large groups of reindeer moving in a synchronized way and in circles.

Several people who could see that video claimed that the animals were under a rather powerful and unknown hypnotic effect, because if there were no humans doing magic tricks like in the movies, then it was a paranormal or ufological effect. In the case of an extraterrestrial situation, the problem is great, because if these beings can manipulate animals, it is only a matter of time before they can control the entire human race.

Depending on the way the reindeer move, this can be compared to the movement of alien ships. It is possible that a UFO was found in the vicinity of the Kola Peninsula and was perceived by animals. Many people are terrified by this fact and continue to put forward theories that may explain the movements of these reindeer. This would not be the first time that strange things have happened in the world and scientists say they are close to proving that extraterrestrials exist and that they visit our planet.