An ex-military man reveals where the aliens from the Roswell case would be.

Rosswell El Extraterrestre Que ¡Si! Piso La Tierra ¡Nuevas Hipótesis!

Jails for the aliens on the Roswell case?
The statements of a retired U.S. military man reveal the location of one of the most famous cases, related to extraterrestrials. This is the ship that crashed in the United States in 1947.

the aliens in the Roswell case

It turns out that the former military man has published a book in which he reveals that a U.S. military base is holding the extraterrestrials who survived the incident captive. This event was covered by the press and occurred in the city of Roswell on July 9, 1947. What happened at that time was that a supposed alien ship fell in the state of New Mexico. This has given rise to a large number of theories, due to the authorities’ secrecy about the extraterrestrials in the Roswell case.

According to information from’The Sun’ Raymond Szymanksi, a former US Air Force member, is the man who claims in his accounts that the aliens in the Roswell case are being held captive at a secret US Wright-Patterson (WPAFB) base in Dayton, Ohio. The purpose of this was to examine them and guard them in secret rooms and tunnels.

Szymanksi, who worked at the site for 39 years, assures that it has an intricate network of underground corridors which are full of extraterrestrials (living and dead) from that famous Roswell event. These statements are made in his recently published book “50 Shades of Greys”.

The secret of the aliens, revealed at the military base
During the first week of work of the now retired soldier, the secret that was kept in this base came to light. It turns out that his immediate boss by the name of Al was giving him a tour of the facility and asked him the following question:

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“Have you heard of our aliens?”

“He said that in 1947 there was an accident there in Roswell and they brought the machines and aliens here for inspection and added that they were kept in secret tunnels under the base,” Szymanksi said.

Thus, over the next four decades, Szymanksi devoted himself to investigating the mysterious conspiracies on the military base. He was also always on the lookout for the aliens from the Roswell case.

“The important fact established here is that then not a single person would ever say to me’We have no aliens here’. I saw a lot of smiles but no denial,” he said.

Raymond Szymanksi, a former engineer, hypothesizes that the underground facilities were created for the sole purpose of preserving the alien technology objects. It was also a priority to preserve the extraterrestrial remains of that event in deep cryogenic chambers.

In reference to the aliens in the Roswell case, Szymanksi says that between 14 and 16 alien corpses could be found at the base. Despite all his investigations, the former military officer confesses that he has never seen any of the “Greys”. However, I mention that on the base there were suspicious men dressed in black, possible special agents in search of information about the alien.


It would be interesting to investigate this work by Raymond Szymanksi to find out more evidence about the existence of extraterrestrial life on Planet Earth, what do you think about this information? Comment and let’s keep putting this puzzle together.