An alien spacecraft is reported to have been in the vicinity of NASA

Se reporta que una nave extraterrestre estuvo en las inmediaciones de la NASA

An alien spacecraft was near the NASA station
NASA has denied the existence of extraterrestrial beings and their magnificent ships on several occasions, regardless of all the evidence presented to it. Since the last century, thousands of UFO sightings, alien abductions and scientifically inexplicable phenomena have been documented. The agency has been accused of withholding valuable information from the human race and such allegations are now on the rise, especially after the big scandal over the sighting of a giant UFO on NASA’s international space station in early April.

The alien spacecraft near NASA is giant and triangular.
One of NASA’s broadcasts on its international space station has caused a stir in the scientific community, as a mother ship appeared in the middle of the video large enough to leave no doubt that its origin is extraterrestrial. In principle, the image of the station can be seen, but after a few seconds a series of flashing lights appear that capture the attention of the spectators.

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It was thought to be 6 different ships, but if you look closely at the video, you can see that they are actually 6 large flashing lights that, being close to the space station, have a kind of interference. According to the experts, we could be talking about a UFO of 300 meters in diameter, that is, what TR3B measures, a UFO that was modified for the use and experiment of NASA scientists.

The TR3B has extraordinary capabilities that no other man-made ship has, as it can fly from the earth to the moon in just one minute. It’s one of NASA’s secret ships and the most controversial. Considering their description and the images of the UFO, we have no doubt that extraterrestrials are getting closer and closer to our planet and that, if they can get closer to Earth, nothing would prevent them from entering our atmosphere.