Aliens spoke live on English TV


Through their actions in the last decades the aliens have made it clear that they want to communicate directly with humanity, reason why they’ve taken the determination to discard the intermediaries to establish a direct relation with the majority of the terrestrial beings, situation that has the members of the power elites really concerned, because this represents a matter that they can’t control.

As demonstrated on November 26, 1977, when viewers in southern Britain watched in amazement as the aliens interrupted their usual programming and spoke live on English TV.

The message of the aliens

After notifying the public that they were observing an interstellar transmission via macro magnetic waves, the spokesman for the aliens identified himself as Vrillon and proceeded to expose the message of aliens for humanity. In the first place, he indicated that their intentions are peaceful, because they wish to contribute to the improvement of human society, imparting us their wisdom and wide understanding of the universe.

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He also said that for a long time we’ve observed their brightness in the sky, confusing them with asteroids or shooting stars, but they’ve always been close to us to provide us with protection and guidance, although we haven’t always been able to perceive and much less appreciate, only a tiny minority of human beings, including Nikola Tesla, has been able to obtain all possible profit from extraterrestrial contributions.

Vrillon spoke about the New Age of Aquarius, explaining that it represented an excellent opportunity for humans to be part of a collective awakening of their consciousness, so that the energy of the cosmos can flood our souls, and as a consequence our minds open to the full understanding of the different dimensions of the universe and of life.

The group of aliens who hacked the English TV signal invited their audience to be alert, because they promised to present us in the near future in different ways, amid apparent coincidences that we must know how to identify and capture the messages they want to give us.

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