Alien spacecraft on fire is seen in the U.S. and NASA still denies it.

Nave extraterrestre en llamas es vista en EE.UU y la NASA aún lo niega


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NASA denies that the phenomenon is of extraterrestrial origin.
Since the last century there have been countless reports of UFO sightings, alien abductions and direct communication with alien beings of different races, however, NASA has ignored all these statements and remains faithful to its position in denying the existence of any living being outside our planet. Now, despite all this denial, reports and stories of people who have seen these phenomena continue to grow, and one recently occurred in the United States.

Apparently, a burning alien ship was seen flying over the sky of the United States near an airplane. A passenger inside the aircraft says that when he woke up and looked at the window, he saw that some kind of alien ship with a lot of fire was flying right next to the plane. The man immediately took out his cell phone and began to record the phenomenon.

NASA says it was a sunbeam and not an alien spacecraft.
The images show a very thin, burning object flying beside the plane in the middle of a storm. You also see some lightning in the height of the rain, but that only lasts a few seconds because the passenger’s cell phone would have run out of battery. If the images are well detailed, it is clear that this is a UFO that caught fire when it entered our atmosphere, now we would only have to find the place where it possibly crashed.

However, NASA and some people who were able to see the footage say it was just a ray of sunshine that was glimpsed through the clouds around the plane or some lightning from the strong storm, but this doesn’t make sense. If it is lightning or lightning, it could simply hit the ground and not stay in flight next to the aircraft, it is both suspicious and amazing.