Alien ship in Finland discovered by Google Maps terrorizes the entire planet

Nave extraterrestre en Finlandia descubierta por Google Maps aterroriza a todo el planeta

Extraterrestrials visited the planet and Google Maps proves it
For some time now many UFO sightings have been reported and fear has been unleashed all over the world, because in reality, it is believed that extraterrestrial beings are monitoring human activity to control us in the near future, the problem is that none of these hypotheses have been accepted by the scientific community and no matter how much evidence they present, for them no ufological phenomenon has happened on our planet. But then how can you explain the appearance of an alien ship in Finland?

A Google Maps user was surfing the App to look for a friend’s house, but the more he looked at Rantapuisto’s landscape in Finland, the more he realized there was an object in the sky with a completely strange shape. It didn’t look like a toy, much less one of the planes that usually fly over the skies, this looked exactly like a UFO.

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Google Maps showed the alien ship on our planet
The object was red with white and during the day it was not possible to verify if it had flashing lights or not. The Google Maps user took several photos of the event and uploaded them to his Facebook account. From the first moment the Internet users saw the photographs they claimed that it was an alien ship and fear increased among all the people. There were others who said it was just a Dron, but if you look at the pictures it’s obvious it’s not something on this planet.

So many such sightings leave the world in complete shock from recent events in Hawaii. It is possible that the energy emanating from extraterrestrial spacecraft may generate major problems on our planet, and we are not sure what these beings can do. They may come peacefully, but if so, why didn’t they make contact first?