Alien prophecy could be fulfilled in the next few years.


The aliens are going to control us according to ancient prophecy.
There are many prophecies that predicted the end of the world, some from the last century, others supposedly could be fulfilled this year, however, the main theme is that the end of the earth is true and may be due to the impact of Nibiru or an alien invasion. With regard to the latter, there is a good chance that it will be fulfilled very soon, especially since the French prophet, Nietzermann, said that from 2015 onwards UFO sightings and alien abductions would begin to multiply in order to start an invasion. In the middle of 2018, we can assure you that this is true.

Alien Mind Control Prophecy

Some time ago a video was found that apparently was recorded in 1987, in this one, the French prophet says that the aliens were going to settle on the earth little by little, at first only a limited number of people would realize this, but with time more ufological events would happen, so many, that scientists would end up accepting that the aliens exist and that they will govern us for an indefinite time, at least until we reveal ourselves and a war between races begins.

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Prophecy reveals that aliens will control us like machines
Nietzermann said that aliens will come to our planet as microorganisms, manageable bacteria, after that they will look for ways to incubate in our bodies to strengthen themselves, at first we would think that our physical discomforts are derived from some disease, but in reality it is those creatures taking over our body to control it at will when the time of the end comes.

No doubt their intelligence would make any machine easy to operate and with them control the minds and bodies of humans, perhaps that’s why there are so many people claiming to have been abducted by aliens, because they have already started the invasion and experiments on humans. will the governments of the world know about this? It is possible, otherwise they will not deny all the evidence of alien existence, the question is, what would they gain from it? According to the conspirators, the rulers would be exempted from control and would live.