Alien life on Earth Could aliens have knocked up abducted women?

Alien life on Earth Could aliens have knocked up abducted women?


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Is an alien being capable of procreation?
Scientists still do not accept that extraterrestrial beings exist and will not believe that they can produce beings of different species, but some of the women kidnapped by these creatures have claimed to have had hybrid children, that is, half aliens, half humans. One of them is Debra Tomey, who said she was abducted for many months by small creatures with large heads and eyes and grey skin. She was pregnant by a strange method and was returned to earth when she gave birth.

Aliens could have knocked up abducted women.

Debra says she was able to see her daughter, a little girl with white skin, extremely blue eyes, blond hair that looked white, and a head proportionately larger than normal. On the other hand, there is Giovanna, an Italian girl who claimed to have been abducted and raped by a reptilian alien. When she was returned to earth and realized she was pregnant, she decided to abort the fetus and the doctors were horrified to see a half human, half reptilian creature.

Extraterrestrial knocked up an English woman
Suzanne Brown claims to have had encounters with an extraterrestrial, but this one was a humanoid, that is to say, with a human aspect but of great height. According to her, they never had a sexual encounter, but one day she woke up in a spaceship and was giving birth to Myriko’s son, the name by which she called the alien. Loretta Wolfe also said that she was abducted by creatures from other worlds and that, thanks to a very painful UFO surgery, she was able to have a hybrid child.

Bridget Nelson said she had at least 10 alien children fathered in all the abductions she suffered. She was confined during the gestation period and when she gave birth, she was returned to earth, never able to see her children, but the creatures gave her portraits of them. Nelson said that the aliens didn’t want any kind of related deal between her and the hybrids.