Alien life is trapped in exoplanets of nearby galaxies


Aliens need thousands of tons of fuel to come to our galaxy.
There are some exoplanets with special characteristics to house life and, although not all of them are similar to those of the earth, extraterrestrial life could easily adapt to them in order to evolve as we humans did, in this sense, it is important to note that extraterrestrial creatures do exist, however, there is a great detail that makes it impossible for them to show themselves to humans: They cannot leave their planets. A study has revealed that the atmosphere of these extra-solar planets is too dense and would require tons of fuel just to get out of them.

For scientists, extraterrestrials would have to be even smarter than us to be able to get off their planets, because it would take very advanced technology to make spacecraft with more than 440,000 tons and a lot of fuel not only to get off the celestial bodies, but also to be able to move around the entire universe. That is why it has been impossible to verify that these creatures exist, because they have not been able to leave their planets and we are not sure we can survive on them even in short periods of time to collect samples.

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If extraterrestrial life comes out of your planets, it will be by other means.
From the above points, it is impossible for extraterrestrials to get out of the celestial bodies located in nearby galaxies, but then what have many people observed since the last century? UFOs and creatures other than us cannot be part of a collective deception, so ufologists began to devise hypotheses that could make sense of all this. After a long time, they came to the conclusion that aliens used other methods to explore the universe and enter the earth: interdimensional portals.

This makes a lot of sense and taking into account one of the latest UFO sightings, it seems that these beings have devised the best way to get off their planets without dying in the attempt.