Alien life exists and the world’s governments keep it hidden

Alien life exists and the world's governments keep it hidden


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Governments cover up extraterrestrial life in the U.S.
For some years now we have been waiting for NASA scientists and governments around the world to confirm that extraterrestrial beings exist and that they live among us, after all, there is already enough evidence of this, for example, UFO sightings, extraterrestrial abductions and all the statements of former astronauts and U.S. government-related officials that have leaked out in recent years. However, there is one thing that is not entirely clear in this whole question: what do these people gain by hiding the truth from us?

The human reaction may not be entirely positive and is normal, but it is the duty of the senior rulers to keep us informed of everything that is happening on earth and off it, especially if it is about creatures superior to us who have been experimenting on humans, according to reports from abductees who have been able to remember the situations to which they were exposed on the advanced technology alien ships.

Physicist says governments don’t want to reveal extraterrestrial life
There are indications that the United States armed forces have had serious problems with nuclear missiles and all kinds of weapons containing chemicals lethal to humans and the earth in general, including indications that extraterrestrials have intervened to prevent us from starting the massive destruction of the planet ourselves, but there are also people who say that extraterrestrials are dangerous, at least some of the races that are known, for example, the reptilians.

On the other hand, there is evidence linking the governments of the U.S., Russia and parts of Latin America to alien treaties, including the secret of the Roswell case, the exchange of technology for humans for experiments and the end of some of the best-known wars in history. We hope that one day the collective interest will outweigh the staff and the top brass will reveal the truth to us.