Alien footprint in the Canary Islands? Google Maps captured drawings like the Nazca Lines

¿Huella alienígena en las Islas Canarias? Google Maps captó dibujos como las líneas de Nazca

Find lines similar to Nazca using Google Maps
One of the most amazing things in the world is found in the Nazca Desert, where there are several lines of ancient hieroglyphics, these were drawn by the Nazca civilization and, until now, were the only strange strokes on earth, however, thanks to Google Maps, an App user discovered a similar drawing in the Canary Islands and his finding has caused a stir in the users of the search platform.

This is not the first time that Google Maps is the protagonist of findings like these, even paranormal and ufological phenomena have been found in this App and there are more and more users looking for objects and things as amazing as these. This time, the Spanish territory is the center of attention for a great and strange drawing in the Canary Islands.

A large extraterrestrial hand in the Canary Islands is captured by Google Maps

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A user of the platform was using the App when he found something very powerful. According to the photos, you can see a series of rocks arranged in such a way that they will take the shape of a giant hand. Once ABC España documented the event, many experts have begun to externalize their theories and some of them seem to make a lot of sense.

The professor of religious sciences, José Luis Vázquez Borau, claims that it is the Fatima Hand, an important symbol in the Middle East and North Africa, which can be associated with the Goddess Tanit who represents fertility and the Moon. This symbolism is powerful and emanates authority and strength for believers, so it is not surprising that it has appeared right in Spain.

Other theories mention the presence of extraterrestrial beings, because there is no logical explanation that can tell us how all the rocks are perfectly aligned and why no one had noticed before. It’s like he just showed up overnight.