Alien communication: The messages that aliens have left for humanity

Comunicación alienígena: Los mensajes que han dejado los extraterrestres a la humanidad

Extraterrestrials warn humans
During the last 2 centuries, UFO sightings have increased alarmingly, in fact, ufologists say that extraterrestrial beings are visiting our planet on a regular basis due to the secret treaties they have with the governments of the world. Some people say that these creatures only want to experiment with humans and take over our planet, yet some of the people who have contact with aliens say otherwise.

There are a considerable number of people in the world who maintain contact with extraterrestrials and claim that not all of these beings are evil, that there are races that want to protect humanity and have done so for many years. They say there are some extraterrestrials who look human but with qualities superior to ours that prevent the reptilians from harming us, they have even left messages to warn about our catastrophic future.

Messages from extraterrestrials to humanity

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Extraterrestrials have confessed to several humans that the earth will go through great conflicts and wars, but what will destroy much of the planet are the movements of the tectonic plates, which will activate before we know it and destroy everything. On June 30th of this year a group of contacts from different cities of Mexico will meet to reveal all the messages that these beings have given them, the activity is called “International Congress of Contacts with Extraterrestrials”. The time has come, revealing the whole truth.

With all these statements it is clear to us that extraterrestrials exist, that they have visited our planet on multiple occasions, with different motives and objectives and that, furthermore, among their plans is not to destroy humanity, so why are so many people alleging that beings from other worlds only seek to harm us? Do you intend to sow fear in exchange for power?