Alien blood runs through my veins’ This is what a Bolivian says

'Por mis venas corre sangre extraterrestre' Esto lo afirma un boliviano


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Bolivian claims to be of extraterrestrial descent
Since the UFO sightings began to emerge, many of the victims claimed that they could not remember anything specific about the abduction, just some blurred faces and the feeling that they were in some kind of hospital room. On the other hand, there are those who have had to attend therapies and hypnosis sessions in order to recall their experiences and have reached extreme conclusions: They have been the object of extraterrestrial studies.

Many are those who say that extraterrestrials visit our planet to kidnap humans and study their genomes in depth, perhaps even conducting experiments to fuse human DNA with theirs and see what qualities develop over time. Jhonns Uribe is a Bolivian who claims to have extraterrestrial blood in his veins and has undergone several studies to verify his claims.

He also says aliens contact him through their dreams.
Jhonns Uribe has spent most of his life trying to prove that we are not alone in the universe and that extraterrestrials have conducted experiments on human beings at various secret military bases around the world. In fact, the best evidence he presents to the media is the strange marks that appear on his hands on a regular basis, doctors do not know how these marks originated.

Uribe says he always has constant dreams of extraterrestrial beings of different races and maintains that he is a direct descendant of them. According to the subject, aliens send him telepathic messages as a means of direct communication, so they can reveal some events that will happen in the future. Experts took a blood sample from Uribe and the results were disconcerting because he has a completely unknown blood type.

Jhonns’ idiopathic variation is so complex that scientists cannot determine how his bloodstream works and how he is the only human with this abnormality.