Alien abduction of John Mooner is a mystery.


Extraterrestrial kidnapped a human being
Some scientists find it completely impossible that there are living beings on other planets in the universe who, in turn, possess higher intelligence than we do. However, there are many factors that must be analyzed when talking about ufological phenomena, even more so when there is strong evidence that they have actually been occurring on our planet for some years. Extraterrestrial abductions, for example, have tripled since the beginning of this century and people’s concern or fear is increasing every day.

Is it possible that extraterrestrials can harm mankind? Maybe that’s a good possibility. According to reports from people abducted by aliens, aliens carry them on their special ships to perform a series of experiments on them, perhaps comparing the human genome with the alien genome or making direct mutations. John Mooner was one of the many victims of extraterrestrial abductions and has taken it upon himself to viralize his story so that everyone can know what happened to him.

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Alien abduction: A reality they don’t want to admit
Mooner is a renowned British ufologist who is in charge of making public all the stories that refer to abductions or UFO sightings, but this person decided to become a ufologist because he himself had an extremely frightening experience with an alien. Mooner says he was at home when he was caught by a giant creature with huge wings and completely red eyes that rushed at him, took him with his strange lower extremities and flew all over Newton Abbot.

It is certainly not the first time that situations like this have happened around the world, but in other cases aliens are similar: disproportionately sized, large eyes, gray skin, huge head and thin neck. These statements make it very clear to us that there are many alien races and that they all have access to our planet.