Alien abduction in England discovered by Google Maps users

Abducción extraterrestre en Inglaterra fue descubierta por usuarios de Google Maps

Alien abducted a human and we can confirm that with Google Maps.
Since the UFO incident in Roswell was reported, many people are expecting to encounter ufological phenomena in their cities. It is impressive how many UFO sightings have been reported since the last century and the statements of people apparently abducted by aliens. Ufologists say that the number of alien visits to our planet has increased by at least 20% over the last few years and that means something extremely important is going to happen.

The case we are going to study today is about the abduction of a man from England that took place last year and was photographed by the Google Maps application’s satellite cameras. The news has reached different parts of the world and the victim’s allegations are very convincing, especially when he presents as evidence the photographs from the Google Maps platform, which after many studies, were confirmed to be real.

The alien ship was seen by Google Maps cameras

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In the images you can see 3 alien ships flying over the town of Newton Abbot, England, but it also shows how the victim was fighting an alien who wanted to abduct him. John Mooner, the person abducted by beings from other worlds, says he was at home as usual when a flashing light appeared in his field of vision. As he left his house he saw a strange being with a gray color, big eyes and a thin neck.

He says that that creature approached him quickly and they began to fight, however, there was a really confusing moment in which he could not remember what had happened, only that out of nowhere he was back inside his house and without any apparent trace of the strange creature. A year later, Mooner found the evidence of his kidnapping in Google Maps and did not hesitate to make it public so that the world knows that we are not alone.