According to experts, extraterrestrial life could exist in other universes

Según expertos podría existir vida extraterrestre en otros universos

It is possible that extraterrestrial life exists in other universes
In fact, UFO sightings and recent reports of abductions are some of the evidence presented by victims of ufological phenomena, who have been in charge of making their experiences known to the world. Now, to prove that these beings exist is not the only thing that ufologists have in mind, but to find the exact location of the possible planet or celestial body that hosts them.

The various planetary studies of our solar system have not been very flattering to the conspirators, however, some scientists have developed a new theory that seems to make sense as it deepens. We talk about the fact that the conditions of the universe are not capable of harboring extraterrestrial life, however, there may be other universes suitable for beings from another world.

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Parallel universes would be ideal for extraterrestrials
Experts at the University of Durham in England say that in the past, the universe had too much dark energy, which meant that other galaxies and universes could no longer form in space, but there is something that is too puzzling and that is that, for some time now, this energy has mysteriously diminished. Where could he have gone? The excess is harmful even in outer space, but then, with moderate amounts of this element, it is quite possible that other galaxies, stars and even microorganisms are forming.

That disappearance caused scientists to begin to create the theory that such darkness formed another universe, one especially for creatures far more developed than humans and there would be 100 times more dark energy than that existing in our universe, so there would be no problem in the formation of new celestial bodies. The experts are currently doing several special simulations that can give momentum to their arguments and thus test them before any space agency in the future.