A new theory explains why aliens have not come to earth

Una nueva teoría explica porqué los extraterrestres no han venido a la tierra

Do extraterrestrials have really advanced technology?
German scientists have discarded a good many theories for decades to come up with the most viable idea that leads us to the answer to the question why haven’t extraterrestrials visited us? Everything points to the experts’ estimate, which is due to a technology problem that allows them to overcome their gravitational field to leave their own planet.

Just as here on earth we use combustion to propel rockets and spacecraft out to the stations or to position satellites around the earth, aliens also need that same impulse to get out of their planets, especially extrasolar ones, where there is no energy source to boost fuel consumption like those available on earth.

Super planets that force their extraterrestrial inhabitants to be trapped in their gravity field
In addition to that, being much larger, these planets have a much stronger gravity than the earth’s, so it would take an incalculable amount of material to propel a rocket with extraterrestrials out of its atmosphere.

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According to estimates by Michael Hippie, an honorary member of the German Sonneberg Observatory and a supporter of this idea, tanks the size of the pyramids of Egypt are needed to propel a ship from a planet at least twice the size of the earth. So if you haven’t devised a new way to fly your ships, this is why you haven’t managed to get off your planets to explore the galaxies.

Researchers of the complexity of alien civilizations that have already been verified, find that the technology and intelligence of many species is ultra superior to ours and that have developed such technological methods of transport, that they do not even need combustion or fusion to propel their equipment, however, have not found a way to reach planets as far away as the earth, which is close to a star that can weaken them on the road due to their high temperatures.