The brutal crimes and murders of the Catholic Church


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If we research about crimes and murders we’ll realize Catholic Church earns the Golden Palm; the biggest atrocities around history won’t stop surprising us, talking about crimes and murders. If we talk about torture (and we will) you’ll be stoned with the contraption they used back then to kill.

Murders in the Catholic Church

There’s no doubt that the Catholic clergy feed with the thirst of blood, as if it would be a vampire, killed millions of innocent people throughout history. Let’s begin with one of the biggest atrocities of human history the “Inquisition”; it was during the Thirteenth Century when this institution came out, there was torture with bloody contraptions and heretics burnt at the stake.

All of this happened during hundreds of years in the medieval Europe; said punishments took place because of silly things like being left handed, homosexual or knowing how to swim. The witch haunting back then was pretty normal stuff, the Inquisition used their most cruel torture gadgets when some of these people were punished for some of the previous reasons; the most famous gadgets were the foal, the bull of Falaris or the iron maiden of Nuremberg.


This awfulness went away on December 4th on 1808 when Conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte abolished the Inquisition. Napoleon did very dark stuff, but with the Rosetta Stone discovery and the Inquisition destruction you can say he did great things.


Serial pederasts

William de Jesus Mazo was a parish priest from the Our Lady of the Candelaria Church, who abused four minors in 2009 and was sentenced to 33 years in prison in Colombia. This priest abused children under 14 years old and bought their silence with bicycles, roller skates, food, etc.…

There’s no doubt that the John Geoghan case takes the Golden Palm, the frivolous number 130 minors in sexual abuse, 41 of the cases were closed with indemnities, some cases even prescribed it and most of them were male, including a 4 year old boy. The most impressive fact of this serial pederast is that he only got 10 years in prison, when a person like this deserves the death penalty.

Now there’s a more detailed video of the biggest crimes and murders that the Catholic Church committed.


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